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We carry an unmatched selection of evergreen and deciduous trees in our nursery. Whether you are looking to plant a small specimen in the yard or a mature hedge, our nursery has the stock you need. We also offer tree delivery and installation. Our planting team’s years of experience and passion for horticulture drives them to get the job done with the health of the plants and the aesthetic of your landscape as their top priority. Visit the garden center or call for more information on installation. If you are planning a large scale landscape project or need assistance planning a new landscape, contact our landscape architect, Deb, at

Screening Material

We are known in South County and Eastern Connecticut for carrying a diverse stock of large, hard-to-get screening material. You can expect to find mature trees and shrubs that will provide privacy the day they are planted.

Visit our nursery to see our tree selection, including: Arborvitae, Privet, Dogwoods, fruit trees, Dogwoods, Schip laurel, Magnolia, Maple and so much more. 

See the garden center and nursery here.