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Quality Landscape Design, Planning, and Installation

Landscape design and construction is a large part of what we do at Clark Farms. Working to develop and ultimately plant a natural living space for you, your family and friends, and generations to come is a true passion for us. Learn more about the various landscape services that we offer at Clark Farms below or stop by the garden center.


The key to making your dream landscape a reality in your own backyard is to have a shared vision between you and a designer. It can be a challenge to communicate a specific vision to a designer, but luckily our landscape architect, Debbie, has worked with folks across New England for years to create stunning landscapes of all kinds. She has worked to not just make plans of backyards, but to develop, mold and cultivate a quality landscape design and outdoor living space that only gets better with time. Whether you are just starting to think about making changes to your landscape or are well on your way to having a complete design and just need some final ideas, Deb is the architect to get you to a finalized plan, and ultimately to enjoying your yard to its full potential. Contact Deb at, or (401) 783-8844 ext. 202.

For a landscape to reach its full potential, the construction must be as good as the design. Clark Farms’ award-winning landscape installations speak to the level of skill and proficiency of our crews, and their ability to work closely with our landscape architect to make your dream landscape a reality. Explore some of our past projects here and see for yourself why our landscape construction services are so highly sought after.

We specialize in a range of landscape construction services:

Natural screening and privacy installation
Creating privacy by planting large trees and shrubs to create a natural barrier.

Hardscaping (landscape masonry)
The installation of patios, stone walls, walkways, driveways and more.

Drainage projects
Moving water away from your home and using the landscape to properly divert and retain the moisture.

Keeping up with the needs of your landscape can be a challenge. Our landscape maintenance services give you peace of mind knowing that your yard is receiving the proper care it needs to remain healthy and therefore to strive.

Maintenance tasks that we offer include:

-Regular and seasonal pruning
-Annual, perennial and shrub deadheading
-Garden bed and lawn fertilization
-Pesticide and herbicide application

See Clark Farms’ landscapes here: