Garden Center Delivery
& Installation

Garden Center Delivery and Installation


We understand that getting plants home can sometimes be a burden, but that shouldn’t stop you from having the landscape of your dreams. Let us do the heavy lifting! Have your trees, shrubs, perennials and gardening materials delivered right to your yard. Live on Block Island? Not a problem. We’ll drop it off at the boat for you. We offer deliveries for our wholesale customers, as well. For more information on deliveries, give the garden center a call at (401) 783-8844.

Plant Deliveries

When delivering plants to your yard, our top priority is the safety and health of your plants. We go to great lengths and take great care in getting your plants from our greenhouse to your house with as little stress on the plants as possible.

Bulk Material Deliveries

Knowing someone that is willing to lend you their pickup truck for the weekend to move mulch is a luxury that few people have. That’s why we offer bulk material deliveries. Whether you need mulch, compost, loam, stone, gravel, wood chips or any material sold by the cubic yard, we can deliver it to you. There is no minimum amount required for bulk material deliveries. See a full list of the landscape materials that we carry here.

A common question we receive is how many yards of material can be delivered at a time. The answer is as follows:

For compost, loam, crushed stone and processed gravel, the maximum number of yards our delivery trucks can handle at a time is 4 yards, due to weight limitations. For example: 1-4 yards of compost requires 1 delivery, 5-8 yards requires 2 deliveries, 9-12 yards requires 3 deliveries and so on.

For mulches and wood chips, the maximum number of yards our delivery trucks can handle is 7 yards at a time. For example: 1-7 yards of mulch requires 1 delivery, 8-14 yards of mulch requires 2 deliveries, 15-21 yards requires 3 deliveries and so on.

Not sure how much material you will need? Use our Bulk Materials Calculator here.

Our planting experts will make getting your plants situated in their new home a breeze. If you need a hand with installation, we can deliver, plant and settle in your plant material for you. You can have peace of mind knowing our planting crew’s years of experience and passion for horticulture drives them to get the job done with the health of the plants and the aesthetic of your landscape as their top priority. For more information on our installation services, give us a call at (401) 783-8844, or stop by the garden center. For large installation and landscape projects, please contact Deb at