Custom Planters & Window Boxes

What exactly is Colorscaping?

Colorscaping is the reason we grow tens of thousands of annuals and perennials every year! Loading up your garden beds, porch pots, window boxes and planters would be classified as colorscaping. Creating the perfect balance of color, size and texture with annuals and perennials is what makes up the art of colorscaping – and what an art it is. Creating that perfect balance is by no means an easy task. Luckily, our highly creative colorscaping teams have years of experience and a true passion for finding the combination of plant material for your planters that will leave a lasting impression on whoever has the pleasure of seeing them. If you have garden beds, porch pots, window boxes or planters around your home or business that have never quite reached their full potential, contact our colorscape team leader, Erin, at

See our colorscaping teams’ work here: